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“I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite CDs. Profoundly beautiful, the music is both comforting and uplifting, and never fails to take me to another place. The balance of instrumental and vocal passages is exquisite and the quality of sound faultless. Track 14 is especially sublime. On two occasions, visitors have stopped the conversation to listen more attentively – both times, they went home with my copy and I happily re-purchased!”                                                               Mrs M S (Devon)


“Just a note to say how much we both love the disc. I am listening to it now, a perfect background to a Sunday afternoon, and though I’ve heard it a few times now, I feel as if I am still getting to know it.  It is so beautiful as a whole, such peace it gives, and also such emotion….. Thank you so much for introducing the disc to us, the peacefulness of the music is just perfect for us both; it’s what we strive to feel in our busy lives, when we are dealing with work, and family issues. You could not have given us anything better.”                                                                                                           Mr and Mrs A S (Devon)


“I recently got your CD and just wanna say that it’s one of the best I’ve ever listened to in my life. The music is so beautiful! It has become a great addition to my music collection. Thank you very much and God Bless You!”.                                                                                                  Mr O P (Fort Lauderdale, USA)


“Congratulations on a fine musical product. Far Above a Midnight Sky  is everything John Rutter bestowed on it: beguiling, haunting, and tinged with nostalgia”                                      Mr R B (Norway)



“Beautiful relaxing music: I find it the perfect accompaniment to my treatments, and my clients are loving the combination of therapeutic massage and haunting melody”                                                                                          Mrs Suzy Carter (reflexologist, West Sussex)                                                                                                             


“I feel I have come across a bit of heaven in your music….it really touched my heart. We lived for many years in Hampshire and have only just come across the border to West Sussex…so all in the South Downs still. When we drive to Winchester the views of the rolling Downs are breath-taking so one can see whence you draw your inspiration. How gifted you all are. Thank you for bringing musical joy into our lives”.                                                                                                                          Mrs A J (West Sussex)


“We are really delighted with the music and I can only agree with the comments of John Rutter”.                                                                                                                                  Dr J E (Hampshire)


“Such beautiful music….so easy to drift away to. It also calms the spirit in what can be a very traumatic world. I have played it many times”.                                                                          Mrs B F (West Sussex) 


“Thank you so much for sending me that glorious CD”.                                               Mrs M S (Surrey)


“I put the CD on that evening and immediately was wholly captivated. It was lovely and I will use it a lot to calm my spirit… will be treasured”                                                                       Mr B W (Hampshire)


“Thank you so much for sending me this heavenly CD which I am listening to now; it’s absolutely exquisite, and just my kind of music. I’m finding that as I go about, the tunes linger in my head and I find myself humming away which is lovely. It is also one of those albums which you can really enjoy from beginning to end – something one doesn’t often find”.                                        Mrs C H (Surrey)


(1) “I was given this CD for my recent birthday and decided to play it today. I absolutely LOVED it!….I know that my friend is going to love it too. Thank you for the beautiful  music”.                                            (2) “I love the CD as much as ever, and I am delighted to help spread the word!”       Mrs B H (Surrey)


 “Having listened to the full album, Far Above a Midnight Sky  is simply… magical. With serene melodies and enchanting vocals, these beautifully composed pieces captivate you and take you places. My personal favourites are Such Sights and Ship of Sunrise”                       Franscisca Buytaert (Hong Kong)


“I am delighted with the CD, and also with the very quick service”.                               Mr O B (Surrey)


“I’m sure that my friend will love the CD as much as I love mine. I play it continuously; I love the choral bits in particular, as I also sing in a choir, and John Wilson is a favourite”                     Mrs M H (Kent)


” I have at long last been able to sit down and listen to the CD a few times and I just wanted to say what a treat it has been; I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it. The tracks themselves are beautifully written, and to have enlisted the support of so many talented performers is amazing. Crowning it all is the wonderful John Wilson Orchestra in those fabulous orchestral arrangements, especially those featuring Craig Ogden. All in all a really beautiful disc and one which I am so pleased to have come across”.                                                                                                                                      Mr D C (London)


The Album is WONDERFUL – it is music such as yours which inspires me whilst painting, and lifts me when I’m in a creative black hole.”                                                                               Mrs C H (Hampshire)


@worldofmusicBBC “Hi Beverley, can I recommend music by @ vistamusicale for your show? The new album includes #John Wilson Orchestra, and is >… Just perfect for your #bringyourdreams theme! Each track is lovely for drifting away to”.                                                                    Choirgirl Louise (on Twitter)


 “I have just listened to the CD straight through and found it so very beautiful – gentle, uplifting and thought provoking, the lyrics being lovely and sung with much feeling”.                                                                                                                     Mrs H L  (County Durham)


Please do put Far Above a Midnight Sky  on your #JWO ‘to buy’ list. In the words of @johnrutter, ‘such a gorgeous box of musical chocolates’!”                                                            JWOrchestraFans (on Twitter) 


 “It really is a most wonderful collection of music, made more enjoyable by reading about all the people involved in making the CD… Thank you for giving me, and so many others I’m sure, so much pleasure listening to your lovely music”.                                                                                  Mrs D O’N (Oxfordshire)  


” Great music”                                                                                                            Angie Barrs (on Facebook)


‘”Thank you for your exemplary service. I know from the brief soundbites I have already heard that this will become a much treasured recording in my collection… As I delve deeper into the history of this heavenly recording, I realise that it has been a true labour of love for all concerned…”                                                                                                                                 Mr I W (Devon) 


“#FF today must go to Vista Musicale and Andrew Cottee.  Far Above a Midnight Sky  has been playing here for 4 days – it’s just beautiful!”                                                               JWOrchestra Fans (on Twitter)


” Thanks to a lovely friend of mine I have just listened to your beautiful music for the very first time. Thank you”                                                                                                                     Lyn Smith (on Facebook)


“Unspoken is beautiful video and music”.                                                                Ella Glasgow (on Twitter) 


“I’ve spent the last 2-3 days listening to Far Above a Midnight Sky  –  I love it!  Such gorgeous music and beautiful performances. Thank you!”                                                                 Choirgirl Louise (on Twitter)  


“I am armed with nothing but praise for the whole exercise….everyone involved must feel as if they had at last given birth to something extraordinary”.                                                                Mr F H E (Oxford)


“Finally got round to listening to this properly; it’s brilliant!”                                            Mr N M (London) 


The samples on the website are very good and a useful preview…. The music is great by the way!”                                                                                               Dr J H (Conwy)        Our first online customer




“I was introduced to your music by a friend and was captivated. I have listened to little else recently…”                                                                                                                                Ms P O’R (London)


“Loving the sample download tracks and hearing the influences. Elgar not far away!”                                                                                                                                            Mr D C (Oxford)


“…like lying in a warm bath of liquid roses. Lovely playing and singing”.                                                                                                                     Mrs S D (Bournemouth)










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"I love it all... so start the CD, surrender, let your eyes mist over when no one is looking, but maybe, with such a gorgeous box of musical chocolates on your CD player, savour a few tracks at a time rather than gobble it all at once"

John Rutter

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