Unspoken Music Video

Welcome to the music video that we have created for track 2 of our new album Far Above a Midnight Sky – a track entitled ‘Unspoken’. The video was filmed at several locations in the South and South West – including at Winchester College in Hampshire.

For those with slower broadband, a lower bandwidth version is available on YouTube>

Lyrics for Unspoken (by Malcolm Hebron and Colin Upton):

media_montageDream clouds drifting, silently seeping
Through a window blurred with fears
Now it’s all so hard to remember
The words, the passing of the years

Autumn colours fade so slowly
Far beneath a restless sky
And when my face is only a stranger’s
How then to say goodbye?

Dreams lie broken, the words unspoken

The dawn mist rising, far horizons
The light all surpassing, dreams everlasting
Lux aeterna, requiem

To listen to excerpts from all the tracks on the album please click here>

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"I love it all... so start the CD, surrender, let your eyes mist over when no one is looking, but maybe, with such a gorgeous box of musical chocolates on your CD player, savour a few tracks at a time rather than gobble it all at once"

John Rutter

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